TAGFx is a web 3.0 based graphics, 3D and marketing based company. With roots in web 2.0 we understand what traditional customers want whilst having one foot firmly in the future.

The TAG Fx team are experts in Adobe Creative Suite and 3D Rendering software. They do everything from business card design to video editiing. They even work in traditional media such as acrylic, watercolour and oil painting.

Whatever your design needs. TAGFx can help.


Robocock is an NFT game inspired by the famous cockfighting game that is known in almost anywhere in the world.

It is a game where you can breed, hatch, and earn coins by battling with other cocks in a robot cockpit arena.


Lootbox is a platform that allows anyone to play esports tournaments or NFT games for free using money from investors.

Investors get to choose their favorite gamers and profit from their Lootboxes through profit-sharing. The list of players, their offers, and reputations let investors or sponsors to choose how much and how quickly the return on investment will be.

T-Rex Arena

T-Rex is a P2P platform that supports safe and fast electronic asset trading, for many different investors on the blockchain platform. This will be the first step in realizing their vision of innovative financial services for everyone.