P2E gaming guild with a focus on Mech.com. Currently looking for promising NFT projects with long term economic sustainability to expand into.


Web3 Gaming Guild focused on Community, Gaming & NFTs. Join us!

Glory Guild

Grow. Enjoy. Together.


TAGuild is a haven for digital nomads. It was formed primarily for P2E and scholarship based games such as Axie and Pegaxy but has since grown to incorporate Esports and competitive play.

With 1000 strong members on Discord and players across multiple genres TAGuild is a place for all types of gamer to feel welcomed and part of a friendly, self assured, growth based community.

Guild Milano

As we aim to build Guild Miliano, We’re committed to and working hard to ensure all of these are achievable: – Fair scholarship pay that increases with loyalty. – BTO opportunities to in-guild scholars. – Frequent GAs. – Commitment to % burn/provide LP. – And much more!


Welcome to the Black Gang Resistance! A guild welcoming all new players who wants to join the resistance.


Build Together, Play Together, Earn Together.

NU Guild

NuGuild is an eSports guild primarily formed by friends for MLBB and MOBA type games.
We have competed in Lootbox, GuildsArena and TAGuilds tournaments with some success and are looking to expand into PC esports as well.