About GuildsArena

GuildsArena is a cutting-edge Esports arena that operates in the web3 space while also incorporating web2 games. One of our core principles is to attract the best web2 players by offering web3 prizes. This allows us to bring the best players into the newly forming web3 tournament scene.

There are nine prominent Guilds in the Arena:

The Glory Guild
Shadow Legacy Guild
Black Gang Rebels

These Guilds are the driving force behind our success.


GuildsArena has one founding sponsor: UGE, who provide the online tournament bracket platform.

All nine Guilds have an equal vote and ownership stake in the Arena. Any new Guilds added to the Arena will receive a share of the vote and ownership.


We are currently accepting applications for new Guilds from the Philippines but will only onboard them once there are eight worthy candidates signed up. If you are a player, team or guild that wants to get involved with GuildsArena, you can start by submitting an application to join here.

Additionally, we are also inviting Guilds from all around the world to submit bids to operate and run GuildsArena for their region. Franchise applications can be found here.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

In addition to our two founding sponsors, GuildsArena is also open to potential sponsorship and partnership opportunities. We work closely with several industry leaders, including Lysto.gg, Beyond Human, The Bornless, DragonMaster and others, to provide top-notch tournaments for its players. If you are interested in sponsoring GuildsArena please fill this form or reach out to Highone on Twitter or Discord.

All Girls League

We at Guilds Arena are also proud to have Boss Joycee as a partner, as she has been instrumental in promoting all-girls Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournaments. Her efforts have provided a platform for talented female gamers to showcase their skills and compete in a supportive and inclusive environment. As a part of our partnership, Boss Joyceee graciously allows us to stream our matches on her page, providing greater visibility for our Arena and the tournaments we participate in. We value her contributions to the gaming community and look forward to continued collaboration in the future. To that end, if anyone is interested in sponsoring All Girls GuildsArena hosted by Boss Joyceee check the option on the Sponsorship/Partnership form. Alternatively reach out to Highone or Boss Joyceee.

To stay up to date on our events follow us across social media via our Linktree.